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Meet Our Staff

Dr. Robert Brewster, DVMDr. Bob Brewster, DVM.Dr. Brewster considers himself a Georgia native despite the fact that he was born in New York City (which technically makes him the only Yankee in his family). Before moving to Athens, he earned an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. After volunteering at local veterinary clinics and riding around with a horse veterinarian, Dr. Brewster attended the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine and finished his DVM in 1988. Subsequently, he spent three years working as a veterinarian in Asheville, North Carolina. He and his wife then made the decision to move back to Athens. He worked at the Dekalb/Gwinnett Emergency Hospital for a year, then opened Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 1992. In 1997, Dr. Brewster purchased Gaines School Animal Hospital. He practiced at both hospitals for ten years. Although he is still involved in the Barber Creek practice, he now spends most of his time at Gaines School. He, his wife, and children have a llama, two goats and two boxers. While they would like to have cats at home, their dogs have vetoed the idea. As a result, he has several cats that make Gaines School Animal Hospital their home.

Dr. Lisa Ekman, DVMDr. Lisa Ekman, DVM.Dr. Ekman received her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia in 1997. She then attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she completed a Masters degree in Animal Science, studying the impacts of stress on animal behavior and physiology. In 2000, Dr. Ekman returned to Athens to attend the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine, completing her DVM in 2004. Since then, she has practiced veterinary medicine around northeast Georgia, either as an associate or a relief veterinarian (filling in when other veterinarians have to be out of the office). Dr. Ekman was doing relief work for Dr. Brewster when he asked her to join the practice as a permanent employee, and she couldn't have been more thrilled to join the team. She works at both Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital. She, her husband and children live with a dog, Bailey, and two cats, Andy and Sarah.

Dr. Beth Yash, DVMDr. Beth Yash, DVM.Dr. Beth Yash joined Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2013 after moving back to Athens from Portland, Oregon. She holds degrees in Anthropology, Women's Studies, and Biology and received her DVM from the University of Georgia in May of 2010. Dr. Yash has a special interest in animal behavior and alternative medicine. In her sparetime, Dr. Yash enjoys jogging, camping, hiking with her dogs, Mila & Lulu, and relaxing with her cat, Slinky Pete.

Liz, Hospital ManagerLiz, Hospital Manager. Liz first began working for Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 1998 as a Kennel Tech. In between working at Barber Creek and Gaine School Animal Hospital, she pursued other opportunities, including joining Americorps. She lived in Anchorage, Alaska, working at a GED lab and then lived in St. Croix for a year working at a foster home. Other adventures include pursuing a veterinary management job in Boulder, CO. She is now back at Gaines School as the Hospital Manager. Liz has three dogs, Edward - a lab; Myrtle - a terrier mix; and George - a chihuahua.

Lindsey, Receptionist and Veterinary AssistantLindsey, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant.Lindsey began working at both Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in July 2014. She is originally from Sylvester, Georgia and moved to Athens to attend the University of Georgia, graduating in May 2014 with a bachelors degree in animal science. Lindsey loves being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. She has a horse and has been riding for about ten years.

Holly, Receptionist and Veterinary AssistantHolly, Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant.Holly previously worked at Gaines School Animal Hospital from 2003-2007 returning in August of 2009. Holly has a doberman named Laila and two cats named Stripes and Satime. Holly is a musician and singer, and her stage name is Holly Belle. She is also a registered nurse.

Joe, Veterinary AssistantJoe, Veterinary Assistant.Joe has worked at Gaines School Animal Hospital since 1997. He has two dogs, Jackie, a Border Collie mix, and Jessie. He also has two cats named Josh and Justin.

Matt, Veterinary AssistantMatt, Veterinary Assistant.Matt came to Athens from Minneapolis and has an undergraduate degree in history. Matt has three dogs, Harpo, a chihuahua mix, Allie, a rottweiler mix, and Banjo, a papillon. As well, he has three cats named Vincent, Oblio, and Celia. Matt will start vet school in Fall 2012 at the University of Georgia.

Chloe, Veterinary AssistantChloe, Veterinary Assistant. Chloe began working at Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2012. She is originally from Hamilton, GA and has been an avid equestrian since age seven. Chloe has trained horses for 15 years and has competed in nationally recognized three day eventing trials, which is an equestrian triathlon that combines three different disciplines over three days of competition. She has a B.S. in biochemistry from Mercer University, a Masters of Public Health from Mercer University School of Medicine, and plans on applying to veterinary school, specializing in equine medicine. Chloe is a newlywed and has two dogs, two cats, one horse and is expecting a ISR-Oldenburg foal in 2013 - and hopes for a filly!

Sam, Veterinary AssistantSam, Veterinary Assistant. Sam has worked in veterinary clinics since the age of 15, when she got her first job as a kennel assistant. She's worked as a veterinary assistant for over four years and began working at Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2012. As well, Sam has worked as a dog trainer and has a high interest in animal behavior. She is currently a student at the University of Georgia and is pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. Sam has a dog, a cat, and a horse.

Amanda, Veterinary AssistantAmanda, Veterinary Assistant.Amanda has worked as a veterinary assistant since 2009 and began working at Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in 2012. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in animal science. Amanda loves horses and has been riding them since the age of seven and has been training horses since she was 16. Her future plans include applying to vet school, specializing in large animal medicine.

Gray, Veterinary AssistantGray, Veterinary Assistant.Gray began working at Gaines School Animal Hospital and Barber Creek Veterinary Hospital in June 2012. Previously, he attended the University of Georgia, graduating in May 2012 with a B. S. in biology and animal science. Gray's first job working with animals was as a kennel assistant, and he hopes to attend veterinary school with a small animal emphasis. Gray has a Wheaten terrier mix named Jake.

Lauren, Veterinary AssistantLauren, Veterinary Assistant.Lauren has a American Bulldog/Boxer mix named Deuce that she rescued from a previous clinic that she worked at. She also has a four year old cat named Sammy and a kitten that she rescued from Gaines School named Lebowski. Lauren is working on a B.S. degree in Biology and will be applying for nursing school sometime in the near future. She has worked in veterinary clinics for almost four years now.

Meghan, Veterinary AssistantMeghan, Veterinary Assistant.Meghan earned a bachelor's degree in avian biology from the University of Georgia, where she did research with chickens and zebra finches. She has a setter mix named Giselle, a rescue that she first fostered and then adopted. Meghan has worked for veterinary clinics and also volunteered at animal rescue groups while in college. She is the eldest of three children, all girls, enjoys hiking and music, and has ridden horses for about ten years.

Elizabeth, Professional GroomerElizabeth, Professional Groomer. Elizabeth has been Gaines School Animal Hospital's groomer since September of 2004. She has three cats named Little Kitty, Cakes, and Luna. Elizabeth is an avid horse rider who has shown and participated in competitions (Dressage and Hunter/Jumper). She has two horses, both Arabians, named Zanzibar and Exalt. Elizabeth is also a certified riding instructor and is working towards a masters in social work. For more information about grooming services offered by Elizabeth at Gaines School Animal Hospital go to: Grooming.