Dog and Cat Grooming


Dog and cat grooming in Athens, GA

Gaines School Animal Hospital offers full-service grooming and baths. Safety is our first concern. We never leave your pet unattended either in the tub or on the grooming table, and hair dryers are used either without heat or on low heat. All pets should be up to date on their vaccinations (if not, we can arrange to have your pet vaccinated). We groom cats, too!

Read what our clients have to say!

“Our dog has moved from terror about nail trimmings to getting them all cut through the excellent care of our groomer Robin…Our dog Riker developed a sensitivity to having his nails being clipped when he was a puppy. We tried many things and had to resort to sedation just for nail trimmings and vet visits…She has a reputation for working with difficult dogs to help them overcome anxiety and fears related to being handled and groomed…We have seen a miraculous change in his behavior. Not only has Riker moved from absolute fear of having his nails cut he has even begun to relax and make it an easier.”

“Excellent facility and employees! They took great care of my baby girl April – Robin King rocks the grooming. She made April feel incredible ♡”

Our Grooming Services:

Deluxe Bath
  • Every bath begins with a blueberry facial to lighten protein staining and remove odors for a truly kissable face.
  • Each pet receives two baths to gently cleanse and moisturize skin and coat with high quality, natural shampoo and conditioner or medicated shampoo, if prescribed by a DVM.
  • A moisturizing coat spray to soften the coat and continue to repel dirt for weeks
  • Thoroughly and gently dried by hand
  • Nail clipping or smooth filing*
  • Anal gland expression
Full-Service Groom

Always begin with a Deluxe Bath!

This option includes an all-over haircut to your specifications.

(Mats and tangles can sometimes determine the exact style we can achieve. Your pet’s comfort and safety is always considered first)

Mini Groom

Begin with a Deluxe Bath.

Can’t see? Bringing in “presents” after going potty?
Fluffy feet that brings the outdoors in?

This option may be best for you if you don’t want or need an all-over haircut.

Low-Shed Treatment
Begin with a Deluxe Bath.

A thorough process of bathing and brushing to remove excess undercoat and shedding coat, year-round!

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is a specially-designed service for the needs and comfort of our feline friends. Each session is carefully planned and executed to provide the most comfortable visit possible while meeting the needs and requests of the owner with specialized knowledge and products, just for cats.

Add-On Services

Enzymatic tooth brushing and smooth nail filing are available upon request at an additional charge outside of VIP services.

**All pets are required to be up to date on vaccines per our hospital policies. Please ask any staff member for details.**

Bath Loyalty Cards

All Deluxe Bath-only services can take advantage of the Bath Card! Don’t forget to ask to have your card punched at check out. After five punches, your sixth bath is on us!

VIP Grooming

How do I become a VIP Member?

It’s so easy! Simply have grooming services every month and automatically receive additional free services and discounts!

VIP Bath and VIP Mini Trim

Enjoy complimentary smooth nail filing and enzymatic teeth brushing in addition to normal Deluxe Bath services.

VIP Groom

Enjoy complimentary smooth nail filing along with a 10% discount of Full Grooming Services.

We're proud to serve Athens, GA and the surrounding communities.

We're a full-service veterinary hospital in Athens, GA. Our goal is to create a caring, lasting bond with our clients and patients by providing the highest quality veterinary care with excellent client education and service.


513 Gaines School Rd.
Athens, GA 30605
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Sat: 7:30 am - 1:00 pm
Sun: Closed

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Fax: 706-549-2951

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